Community Involvement

Volunteering is a common expression of community interest. When volunteering one can increase existing skills as well as acquiring new ones. 


It is what we do as Community minded people to enhance the community we live in, for no financial gain or physical reward, although there is usually a deep sense of reward and satisfaction when working as a volunteer.


Why would you consider volunteering?     


  • To increase your confidence.
  • To develop new skills.
  • To interact with new people.
  • To improve communication skills.
  • To open up new job networks.
  • To show volunteer time on your Resume.


 Volunteer Responsibilities


As in all things, there are responsibilities and rights of those participating. These are usually in place to protect not only yourself, but the general community.


  • Be reliable, always follow through on any matter you volunteer for.
  • Know that you are accountable for whatever you take on, sometime this is with others, sometimes alone.
  • Remember in these roles, we are often privy to confidential material, which we are expected to respect.
  • Always feel confident you can ask for help when you need it.
  • Be committed to the organisation you are a volunteer member of.
  • Work as a team member with all within the organisation.


Volunteer Rights


  • To be given proper orientation and training.
  • To be supported and if necessary supervised when volunteering.
  • To work within a safe and healthy environment.
  • To choose from as wide a variety of experiences as the organization can offer.
  • To be given accurate information regarding the organisation you are volunteering for.
  • To be shown/given a volunteer policy, on commencement.
  • To say no, if you suspect you are being exploited.
  • To be informed/consulted on matters that directly involve you and the work you do in a volunteer capacity.
  • To be covered by insurance, while in a volunteering capacity.
  • To have access to the proper grievance procedure.





Types of volunteering available at LANCEFIELD NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE.

Newsletter: Working with Co-ordinator in correlating the activities taking place at the house. Typing up class descriptions.

Fundraising: Assisting the subcommittee in fundraising activities for the house.

Correspondence: Adding to current incoming mail list on the computer. Typing up any outgoing mail, ready for post.

Typing: Under the direction of the co-ordinator, typing such as policies or procedures as required.

Gardening: To work with the subcommittee in beautifying the L.N.H garden, who usually meet once a month for any upgrades to the garden.

Teaching: If you have skills that can be shared with others in a class type activity, please speak with Vivien regarding this.

Subcommittees : If you are interested in volunteering, but do not know what you want to do, maybe you could join one of the various subcommittees we have at the house.


Other Volunteer positions available – Call Vivien on 5429 1214 for position descriptions

Gardeners— small garden requires people to do weeding, mowing or landscape design 
Farmer’s Market — positions include, manning information table, helping to set up, end of market , committee membership, marketing and research assistants. 
Op Shop—retail work, stock management, deliveries. 
Neighbourhood House— admin work, filing, hospitality.