About Us

The first Neighbourhood House in Victoria was established with State funding in 1973. The Neighbourhood Houses are managed for and by the community for the diverse needs of each particular community. Government funding varies allowing houses to be open from 5 to 40 hours each week. 

Each community house differs according to the communities need and input, but they all aim to accommodate learning endeavours such as personal growth, self-help groups, skill enhancement and sharing with each other.

Our Neighbourhood House opened in 1989, in the Mechanics Hall, in High St, under the auspices of the Shire. We moved to 78 High St, the old school house, approx 2 years later.

In 1993, we became incorporated and our funding is from DHS [Dept of Human Services]. We are funded for 15 hours a week. Out of that money, our co-ordinator is paid and some utilities.

We have a strong fundraising sub-committee, that gives us another source of income. We also rely heavily on membership and donations to uphold the house.

The activities and committees tend to vary to accommodate the shifting times. If you have a particular talent or favourite pass time, please let us know. There are several sub-committees you may wish to join.

Our co-ordinator works 15 hours a week. Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10am to 3pm. Our House is staffed by volunteers on other days.